Book Review : By A Thread

by Nyna Queen. Hello everyone. I'm back with another Book Review and I think this one definitely has been one of the most powerful books that I've read over the years. Firstly, I would like to thank the author for providing me with a free copy and congratulate her on such an amazing story as... Continue Reading →


Book Review : Random Attachment.

By Gertrude T. Kitty. There was something so still about her, like she knew how to blend into the backdrop or.. Into the shadows. She was the girl at the party who people didn't remember. Random Attachment is a coming of age, dark, humorous, romantic thriller. A twenty-first century Cinderella. The protagonist, seventeen year old... Continue Reading →

I Love YOU.

YOU. Who are YOU? Yes. You totally read that title right. I love YOU. And if you don't know "YOU" is actually a Netflix Series that released on 28th December, 2018. It took me one sleepless night to complete the entire series. I had no intention to. It was really really engaging and I just... Continue Reading →

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