Book Review : Random Attachment.

By Gertrude T. Kitty.

There was something so still about her, like she knew how to blend into the backdrop or.. Into the shadows. She was the girl at the party who people didn’t remember.

Random Attachment is a coming of age, dark, humorous, romantic thriller. A twenty-first century Cinderella. The protagonist, seventeen year old Mia Dent, is overweight, unhappy, dormant at school and a crutch for her alcoholic mother. Together they live on a dangerous West London estate. On route to school one morning Mia spots Flynn Mason; he is the catalyst to change. In Miaโ€™s imagination she constructs a personality and a back story for Flynn. She fantasises about them together. Following a second sighting she begins to purposely seek him out. In the background The Wolf is abducting young women and whilst Mia watches Flynn the watcher becomes the watched.

For me, this book has truly been so inspiring. It is dark, sure but it motivates you. A lot. The protagonist Mia is despondent, lonely and heartbroken. She is the epitome of self-hate. Random Attachment is Miaโ€™s story which she shares with us, the young people. Everyday we feel hurt; our self-worth, love, desire, hope is no less fragile.

Mia is a dreamer, so ambitious. She is desperate to escape and feel and know love. She cares about her mother even though she is worse than Cinderella’s step mom. Emotions can be destructive at times.

I would really like to believe this book as a story that kindles hope. Mia barely exists until she sees Flynn who is not her white knight. Flynnโ€™s the spark, not the hero.

The book had me hooked from the very beginning. Stuff went down in my life so I didn’t really get the time to finish it until yesterday. And today, I feel better. I’m glad I could read Mia’s story. I find it so incredibly genius.

I’m not gonna get very critical about the writing because let’s be honest – the author is genius and deserves so much more recognition. The dialogues were super fun. There’s mystery that’ll keep you guessing till the end. There’s love. There’s humor. The book starts with it’s ending and the story is told through a series of flashbacks which is so amazing.

I want to thank the author for sending me a copy of this masterpiece. I would love for you guys to read it. At least once. If you need that push to do what you’re dreaming of, this might be the perfect read for you.

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  1. I wouldn’t usually read books about ‘troubled teens’, but you make this one sound that there is a lot more to it. I am also interested in the London setting, as so many books these days are from America. I have added it to my Wish List for a future purchase.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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