Gilmore Girls.

Where you lead.. I will Follow

Hello guys. Welcome to my blog and today’s suggestion is Gilmore Girls. Honestly I don’t think kids today will understand why Gilmore Girls is definitely one of the best old shows that has ever been made. This show meant more to me than words can ever describe. I honestly feel sad that I wasn’t 16 when it first came out ( I was one lol ) and I did not have Rory Gilmore to look up to while growing up. I remember being in 9th grade when I first started watching TV shows and every night my mom, my grandparents and I watched Gilmore Girls on a computer screen that wasn’t really big enough. As each episode passed, it because more apparent how closely the Gilmore Girls’ lives paralleled our own.I lost my father within a few days after my birth so it has always been my mom and I against the world ( with my grandparents being our shelter of course )

I felt like Rory Gilmore was my spirit animal with her nose always in a book, drinking way too many cups of coffee and I always fancied myself the “Outcast” in school. Heck, I even had a Paris in high school who was beyond competitive with me and we were always neck and neck in class.And the female generational dynamics between Emily (grandma Gilmore), Lorelai, and Rory hit very close to home. I know the old saying “girls and their mothers” but honestly it’s crazy how Lorelai would not be talking to Emily and my mom not talking to her mom, and me and Rory would be put in the middle time and time again. Or even Rory and Lorelai’s issues in later seasons seemed to foreshadow the issues I would have with my own mother as I tried to become my own person and we would ultimately go from being BFF’s like the Girls in the early seasons, to talking really less these past few years.

This show has so many coming of age moments and life lessons, that I could probably write a short novel on it.The community found in Stars Hollow and it’s characters, is what created this strong desire for me to “find my tribe” – which blogging has totally been that outlet and I’m so grateful for each of you reading this right now!

Gilmore Girls was also a very Feminist show if you closely observe it. * Spoiler Alert *Rory has three boyfriends throughout the course of 7 seasons but she ends up Alone because she knew what she wanted.

The most important life lessons that I’ve been taught by this show:

1. Cherish your grandparents, they will teach you some of the most important lessons and will always support you.

2. Follow what you’re passionate about even if you don’t have the support you should, your happiness is what matters at the end of the day because it’s your life.

3. Your dreams are attainable as long as you work hard and never give up.

4. Take a chance, take a risk, be fearless. As corny as it is to say, life is too short to waste away.

If you haven’t watched Gilmore Girls I highly suggest binge watching this series before you watch the revival that released a few years back in Netflix. I can guarantee you will fall in love with the characters and wish that you lived in the town of Stars Hollow.

Love, M.


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